Fundraising without alcohol

A common fear among community sports clubs is that they need bar takings to survive.

We know that’s not true, but there’s no denying a lot of clubs use alcohol sponsorship for things like raffle prizes, so it’s tempting to think of booze as key to staying in the black.

It’s when alcohol crosses the line from being a nice extra after a tough game to being essential for day-to-day operations that there’s a problem.

Here are some alternative fundraising ideas your club can use to boost cash.

Host events

Barbecues and sausage sizzles can be held on game days, often in partnership with local community organisations and stores. On other days you could use club facilities to host movie or trivia nights.


Raffles or other games of luck and skill could be hosted to raise money. Rather than alcohol, prizes could be sourced from local businesses; not only does this send a clearer message about alcohol, it also helps create lasting goodwill with others in the community.


Sponsorship doesn’t only have to be about companies giving the club money – it can also be used to reduce the costs you can’t avoid. You might ask a lighting business to chip in for the electricity bill. Remember: putting a business’ logo on your shirts sends a clear, powerful message so it’s important to think about whether you truly endorse their values.

Fundraising drives

There are countless products you can get cheaply and then re-sell to make a profit – check out this rough guide for some ideas.

Local charities and businesses might donate goods or services in the form of vouchers. 

Source: Good Sports website