Tacking homophobia in sport

Below you will find links to resources to help your sport or club tackle homophobia in sport.  

Fair Go, Sport! program

Hockey Victoria has been one of the leaders in this area, particularly through the Fair Go, Sport! program with the Victorian Equal Opportunity Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC).

For more information and to view some of their tips for clubs visit the Hockey Victoria website

Play by the Rules

Play by the Rules is a national program that promotes safe fair and inclusive sport.

It is supported by multiple government and non-government partners including the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission, all state and territory departments of sport and recreation and equal opportunity commissions.

Homophobia in Sport Toolkit 

Play by the Rules has assembled a range of articles, videos, tools and education resources to help create awareness of GLBTI issues in sport.

Access the Play by the Rules toolkit.  

Interactive scenario 

Play by the Rules has developed short interactive scenarios on topical issues and challenges occurring in sport. These scenarios let you explore your understanding and beliefs about issues as well as provide practical tips about inclusive, safe and fair sports practices and procedures.

Access the Homophobia and Sexuality Discrimination scenario.  

You Can Play 

You Can Play is a national Anti-Homophobia in Sport Initiative brought to you by Play by the Rules.

Visit the You Can Play website and view the videos