Building an inclusive club

Participation in sport and physical activity has great benefits for all people.

It is important for clubs and activity providers to make sure they make it as easy as possible for all people to get active. There are many benefits for clubs also, like increased membership.

There are a number of ways activity providers can remove or reduce the barriers that prevent people from getting involved. Here are some fact sheets and resources, along with great resources from VicHealth:

Families fact sheet

View this resource that provides information and suggestions to clubs and activity providers to successfully reach families and promote a healthy lifestyle across generations.

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Low Income Earners fact sheet

View this fact sheet that provides background information and suggestions to support clubs and activity providers to successfully reach individuals and families on low or limiting incomes and how to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

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People with a Disability fact sheet

Learn more about how people with disabilities are likely to be looking for opportunities to socialise, develop skills and try new things in a safe and understanding environment.

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