What women and girls want

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Does your club only cater for 50% of the population?

Think about a woman's life

Every woman is different, and here are some maps of their experience with sport and physical activity: a woman's journey map

Motivators and Barriers

Motivators and barriersCredit - Clearinghouse for Sport - Women in Sport

Getting Women Active 


Inclusive Sport Design 


VicHealth Social Sport model



Social Sport

Credit: VicHealth

Moreland Household Survey

This is a survey of Moreland residents conducted every two years, across suburbs, age groups and topics relevant to Council services. For more information on the barriers experienced by Moreland residents, click Population Data - Moreland 

Barriers to sport


Welcoming women and girls to your sport



Does your club only offer traditional sport?

  • Traditional sport - requires membership fees, a uniform, regular commitment to training and an expectation of playing each game.
  • Social sport - commitment to playing only when suitable, wear comfortable clothes and pay to play, potentially create your own team (play with your friends)


  • 64% of Victorian women who are inactive want to get more active in the next 12 months.
  • Around one in three women believe that sporting clubs are not welcoming to people like them.
  • 52% of Victorian women worry being judged while exercising.
  • Two in five women feel embarrassed exercising in public.

With this in mind, what can your club to do attract women to play?


Things to be aware of

Getting Women Active 


Participation data  


Vic Health sports participation programs



40% Women on Boards

Transition to Mandatory Board Quotas website

Transition to Mandatory Board Quotas factsheet (PDF 551Kb)


Female Friendly Facilities & Infrastructure

What do female friendly facilities look like? information sheet (PDF 110Kb)

What do female friendly facilities look like? information sheet (DOC 804Kb)

Female Friendly Infrastructure guidelines



Learn more about recruiting females to your club by sharing the following information with your committee:

  1. Starting a Female Team flowchart (PDF 76Kb)
  2. Finding a Female Coordinator tip sheet (PDF 109Kb)
  3. Encouraging Female Participation checklist (PDF 86Kb) or 
    Encouraging Female Participation checklist (DOC 672Kb)
  4. This Girl Can fact sheet 
  5. Count Me In fact sheet
  6. Marketing to Women Strategies practical guide


Thinking about a return to sport? Your first thought should be about women and girls.

There are many elements to sport, not just the men’s senior team. While a return to competition may be a little while off, the organisation required to get your men’s team or junior boys teams up and running will happen – don’t panic, they’ll be fine. 

Now is the time more than ever to think about levelling the playing field for women and girls at your club. This includes seeking frank and fearless feedback from parents, players and club members about the perceived importance of women and girls at your club, their role, and how best to ensure they are supported to thrive, not just survive.

Step back, look at your club from the community perspective and ask yourself:

  • What do they see when they scroll your club’s social media pages?
  • What do you feel when they see photos of your players in action?
  • What do they hear when they listen to your president or coaches speak?
  • And what do they share about what they know your club with their friends and family?

The focus of community sport right now should be less about what the fixture looks like or what a return to competition looks like. Instead, focus on how you can ensure your club supports girls and women on and off the field/pitch/court and how can you ensure when your club is open for business, that everyone who has your our oval, walked past your pavilion during lock down knows there is a place for them to be involved when restrictions are lifted.

For support/ideas:

Contact Council: Female Sport Participation Officer: Tamara Mason – tmason@moreland.vic.gov.au

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