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Moreland Sporting Facilities - Weekly Usage by Sports Clubs

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Council manages all bookings for sport grounds and netball courts. Moreland’s sport grounds and netball courts can be hired on a casual basis for sporting activities.  If you would like to hire a ground for a community event, please visit:

To hire a Moreland sports facility, you must:
• Have public liability insurance cover for at least $10million applicable until the date and for the duration of the booking.
• Agree to pay the applicable hiring charge and security bond well in advance of the booking date.
• Accept the terms and conditions of the booking which can be found below.

If you are happy to meet the above mentioned requirements you may proceed to register your group by accessing the website of the link and make an online booking application. Please note, approval of a casual permit for the requested ground depends on its availability; our sports grounds are booked to clubs for seasonal use.

RS - IMS Reserves Manager Casual Booking Guide.pdf (PDF 507Kb)

Hire fees and charges

Fees and charges includes GST except that for security bond money.

Category              Community/Not for Profit Org./Schools outside Moreland  Commercial/Private
Sportsground per oval/dy $161.50 $290.70
Sportsground - Synthetic Cricket Wicket per oval/day $161.50 $290.70
Sportsground - Turf Wicket per oval/day  $242.40  Not available
 Pavilion use/day  $80.75  $145.35
Additional turf wicket preparation (finals)/day $329.35  Not available
 Netball per court/hour  $23.15  $34.80
 Key bond (refundable)  $50  $50
 Security bond (refundable)  $546.35  $546.35

Note: Schools in Moreland City Council area will not incur a sportground/court hire fee.


The bond money will be reimbursed once all keys are returned. Keys must be returned within one working day of completion of your event/activity or bond will be forfeited.

Booking process

Once an application has been processed and approved, Council emails the applicant a confirmation letter.

For any booking that cannot be accommodated, we will contact the applicant and other arrangements may be explored.

Key collection

Pavilion, toilet keys and bond are to be collected and paid at:

Customer Service Desk
Moreland City Council
90 Bell St COBURG


Any enquiries can be made by contacting Council's Sports and Recreation Administration Officer on 9240 2372 or email

Casual sportsground terms and conditions of use


This document sets out the Terms and Conditions of Use for the casual hire of sporting reserves within the City of Moreland. Moreland City Council is also referred to as ‘Council’ within this document.

The casual allocation of sports grounds and pavilions are subject to:

  • Completion of seasonal allocations and casual user agreements


Hirers are not permitted to use Moreland City Council grounds or facilities without first having obtained written approval from Council.

Under no circumstances is the hirer permitted to sub-let or allocate Council’s ground(s) and/or facilities. Non-compliance will result in Council withdrawing the allocation.

Any hirer using the ground(s) and/or facilities without written Council approval will be subjected to:

  • exclusion from future use; and
  • monetary penalty for unauthorised use

Method of casual allocation

Applications should be made to Council’s Recreation Liaison Officer at least ten working days in advance of the activity to be conducted.

Withdrawal of grounds

Grounds may be withdrawn if they are considered unplayable due to inclement weather conditions and/or safety reasons. This decision is not negotiable.

A refund for fees paid may be issued if the grounds are rendered unplayable. Council may provide assistance to groups in finding alternative venues, when grounds are unplayable.

Any school, club or association found using a sporting reserve when they have been withdrawn will face monetary penalty for unauthorised use.

Payment of fees

Full payment of the hire fees must be made prior to the undertaking of the booking. An invoice for costs will be forwarded to the hiring organisation prior to the booking.

Where any cancellation is made less than 14 days prior to the booking date, hire fees will not be refunded. For cancellations equal to or more than 14 days prior to the booking, must be done in writing and a refund of any monies paid to Council will be arranged.


Any activity conducted during the cricket season (October to following March) shall not under any circumstance, without the written consent of Council, encroach on any turf wicket on any reserve.


Studded boots are not permitted to be worn on sports grounds unless provided with written prior consent from Council. It is the responsibility of the hirer to advise the visiting schools/ organisations of this restriction.

Damage that can be attributed to the casual hire will be repaired by Moreland City Council and an account will be forwarded for immediate payment.


Premises must be left in the same condition they were found. If premises are not cleaned satisfactorily or have been damaged the Hirer will incur an additional fee and this may also jeopardise future bookings.

Rubbish removal

The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all waste generated from the use of the reserve is cleaned at the end of the booking. Failure to comply with this condition may result in Council organising for the littered area to be cleaned at the Hirer’s expense and may also jeopardise future bookings.

Syringe disposal

To enhance safe syringe disposal, Safe Disposal kits are available for use inside pavilions.


No game of chance at which either directly or indirectly money is passed as a prize will take place in a facility without first obtaining the consent of Council and a permit from the Raffles and Bingo Board.

Smoking in Council buildings

The Hirer is advised that as per Moreland’s No Smoking Policy, smoking is prohibited in all Council owned buildings including sports pavilions and no person is able to smoke within five metres of doorways or open windows.

Fire extinguishers

Council provides a number of fire extinguishers and fire blankets within each pavilion to comply with the Essential Services Regulations. Equipment is serviced regularly to ensure correct operation in the event of an emergency. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to familiarise themselves with the location of fire extinguishers within a pavilion in case of emergency.

Open fires

The Hirer is not permitted to have open fires of any description inside or outside of pavilions.

Emergency procedures

Emergency exit diagrams are located at each facility and are accompanied by a set of instructions.

Exit doors

In accordance with the Building Code of Australia (class 2 to 9 Buildings, Sections C & D), a building is to be provided with means of evacuation which allow occupants time to evacuate safely without being overcome by the effects of an emergency. All nominated pavilion Exit Doors have a green ‘exit sign’ above the door and must not be obstructed in any way or form.

Hiring Organisations/Individual's Responsibilities

Facilities and amenities

Council pavilions and grounds must be cleaned and maintained in a state suitable for use by all user groups that utilise the facilities. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to leave the pavilion and ground in a clean and tidy condition immediately after use. This includes replenishing toilet and bathroom amenities. The Hirer will incur an additional cleaning fee should the grounds not be left in a suitable condition after use.

Facilities and equipment

Moreland City Council does not provide equipment for your organisation’s use of a sporting reserve. All groups making use of resources within a sporting reserve such as football goals, soccer goals and cricket pitches must be aware of safety precautions that are necessary in using these resources. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that goal posts are padded appropriately prior to use. Further information on this can be obtained from the governing body of the sport you are participating in.

Condition of reserve

The hirer is required to undertake an inspection of the reserve prior to activities taking place. While Moreland City Council maintains these sporting reserves, the fact that they are a public resource means that safety conditions can change at any time. Common things to look for when inspecting a sports ground are debris on the ground, condition of surface, sprinkler heads should not be protruding and perimeter fencing should be safe. Please call 9240 1111 or email to report a risk management item.

Line marking

Under no circumstance is the Hirer to undertake line marking of the sports ground. Failure to comply with this condition may result in Council organising for the damaged area to be repaired at the Hirer’s expense and may also jeopardise future bookings.

Car parking

The hirer is responsible for the control of car parking at the reserve. Vehicles are only permitted to park in car parks, not around the edge or on the oval.

Liquor licence

The hirer is responsible for obtaining the appropriate liquor licence before the consumption or selling of alcohol. A copy of the licence must be forwarded to Council with this application.

All hirers must strictly observe the requirements of the Liquor Act and any conviction for breaches of the Act may jeopardise the hiring organisations future allocation and may risk prosecution by the Liquor Licensing Commission.

Preparation or sale of food

Any hirer handling food needs to comply with Food Act Requirements. Enquiries should be directed to Moreland City Council's Environmental Health Department on 9240 1111.

Disorderly conduct

The Hirer must respect the residential amenity of the area and is responsible for the control of conduct of patrons at all times during their allocated booking times.

Complaints from residents will be taken seriously and will be taken up with the Hirer.


Hirers must adhere to Moreland City Council Policy in relation to temporary advertising. Council may approve the erection of advertising signs at a reserve for an event subject to;

  • The signs being erected to the satisfaction of Planning Officers.
  • Advertising for alcohol and tobacco not being displayed
  • The sign be erected and dismantled on the same day
  • The sign not exceed the height of the fence.

No person shall attach any article to any building, tree, fence or structure by means of nails, screws or other items which may damage such building, tree, fence or other structure.

All applications for signage must be in writing to the Planning Department.


Hirers are not permitted to erect amusements on reserves without prior written permission from Council.

Admission fees

Casual hirers are not permitted to charge admission fees to a reserve without prior written permission from Council.


The hirer agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified and to Hold Harmless the Moreland City Council, its servants and agents and each of them from and against all actions, costs, claims, charges, expenses, and damages whatsoever which may be brought of made or claimed against them or any of them arising out of or in relation to the performance of this policy/agreement.

The hirer shall not hold Moreland City Council liable for damage to property or bodily injury (which expression includes death and illness) that may be suffered by any person arising out of or in any way connected with the hire of the premises and the Association shall indemnify Moreland City Council in respect of any action, suit, claim and demand whatsoever which may be made against Moreland City Council for such damage or bodily injury.

The hirer, at its own cost, shall take out a Public Liability policy for $10 million minimum to insure against damage to property or bodily injury that may be suffered by any person by reason of an accident and happenings in any way connected with or arising out of the hire of the premises.

The hirer shall present Moreland City Council with a Certificate of Currency that notes the Moreland City Council’s interests. Moreland City Council cannot allocate a ground until this is produced.

Neither the Moreland City Council nor its servant shall be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the Association by reason of any article or thing being lost, damaged or stolen, and further, the Association hereby indemnifies the Moreland City Council against any claim by any person in respect of any such article or thing.

Failure to adhere to the above conditions shall result in exclusion from future use of Moreland City Council's facilities. 

Moreland City Council's responsibilities


Moreland City Council shall maintain adequate insurance cover on its comprehensive policy in respect of the buildings and fittings owned by the Moreland City Council.


Moreland City Council shall reasonably undertake inspections and general maintenance of all sporting reserves. Given the public nature of a sporting reserve, it is not expected that a sporting reserve be free of maintenance requirements and hazards at all times. Cooperation between hiring organisations and Moreland City Council is expected when these issues affect the use of a sporting reserve.

Preparation of grounds

The Moreland City Council’s Parks Services will undertake the preparation of the sporting reserve.

Rubbish collection

Emptying of the sports ground’s rubbish bins will be the responsibility of Moreland City Council.