Fitness challenges are a great way to increase your motivation and results. Join a challenge you will work closely with a coach to perfect their form and technique whilst improving strength and conditioning in a focused, fun and social environment. Coaches will provide a supportive small group setting where fitness and individual results are the focus. 

What you get?

  • Body measurements and Evolt 360 body composition scans
  • Mini weekly challenges to keep you motivated and on track
  • Lifestyle habit change recommendations
  • Healthy recipe ideas
  • Fitness challenge manual
  • The chance to win awesome prizes!
  • Complimentary gym water bottle
  • Complimentary workout towel

Track and achieve results

You will receive a Evolt 360 body composition scan at the start and the end of the program. There will also be measurements and key performance indicators specific to each program. 

Current fitness challenges

There are currently 28 day fitness challenge on offer across May - June at Brunswick Baths and Fawkner Leisure Centre. Find out more and secure your spot.

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