Frequently asked questions

Active Moreland COVID-19 Centre Updates 

We are excited to be able to open both Brunswick Baths and Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre outdoor pools and Post COVID kick start outdoor training. During these staggered openings, we are consider the safety of all staff, members and the community. 

Frequently asked questions
These FAQs outlined also link to our terms and conditions upon entry. While we don't have the answer to every single question - and as we get more information from the Victorian Government as restrictions ease and we are able to open more services, we have some key information below relating to our centres.


COVID Kick Start Outdoor Training

Lap Swimming

  • What activities can I do at the pool?

    In line with Government restrictions only active exercise is permitted. This means lap swimming and moving exercise e.g. walking rehabilitation. Aqua play and sunbaking are not permitted.

  • How can I attend lap swimming?

    If you would like to come one of our  outdoor pools for a lap swim, you first need to book online through the pool’s booking web page.

  • How many people can attend each session?

    The outdoor pool will be limited to 15-20 people per booking session depending on pool configuration and centre you attend.

  • When can I book?

    Active Moreland Members - lane bookings will be available 4 days in advance.

    Multi Visit Pass Holders - lane bookings will be available 3 days in advance.

    Casual users - lane bookings will be available 1 day (24 hours) in advance.

    Bookings close 1 hour before each lap swim session. You can change your booking up to two hours prior to your start time. Payment is required in advance.

  • How long do I have to swim?

    Once you have booked your lap swimming time, you will have 50 minutes in the centre. This includes 45 minutes of swimming with 5 minutes to collect your belongings and exit the centre. You must depart the centre prior to the next session commencing. Please follow lifeguard instructions, they will advise you when it is time to leave the water, collect your belongings and proceed to the exit.

  • What's happening to my membership?

    Memberships will remain on suspension during this trial phase. Attending an outdoor pool during these restricted operations will be on a pay per use basis using the online booking system for each pool and will not impact your membership.  

  • Can I be assured that the centre is clean? 

    Cleaning is our highest priority. A program will be in place to disinfect all high-touch surfaces on a regular basis. Hand sanitiser stations will be located throughout our centres.

  • How do I leave the venue?

    Staff will provide you with directions and there will be signage to lead the way out of the centre.

  • Is the pool safe, what changes have you made to ensure the water is clean?

    Our water management systems have been reviewed in line with recent changes to government regulations to continue to meet a high standard of safety. All our pools are disinfected with chlorine in line with the 2019 Public Health and Well-being Regulations. Chlorine is proven to disinfect pathogens which include viruses such as COVID-19.

  • Can I bring my child for a swim?

    Children under 10 must be actively supervised and parents/guardians booked in as a supervisor at the time of the child booking in for lap swimming or moving exercise in our lap lanes.

  • Can people from the same household share a lane?

    No. Lanes will be allocated to individuals at the time of their booking.

  • Can I bring someone with me?

    Due to Government restrictions we have a maximum capacity for all pre-booked sessions. Please contact us via email or phone if you need to bring a carer with you. Spectators/visitors will not be permitted entry to our facilities at this time.

  • Can I use the equipment. Do I have to provide my own equipment?


    As a measure to further reduce any risk, equipment will not be provided at our centres. You can bring your own equipment from home.


  • Can I use the spa, steam, sauna?

    In line with guidelines for the reopening of aquatic facilities, our spas, steam rooms and saunas will remain closed along with water play pools.

  • Can I book back to back sessions?

    To manage social distancing and limits within each area, you will need to book and attend one pool session only. You cannot book back-to-back sessions.

    If you wish to move between our centres, you will need to book a second session at that outdoor pool and move to that pool for that session.

  • Can I just drop in and swim if a lane is available? 

    No, all bookings will need to be completed online using the online booking system for each pool.

  • Will I be refunded if the pool is closed or a session is cancelled?

    Sessions may be cancelled in cases of dangerous environmental conditions (i.e. hail or lighting).

    Staff will try to notify members with a booking as soon a decision is made to close a pool for your safety. You will be notified via text message and offered a credit for your next session. Refunds are available upon application.

Contact Details 

For further information contact the centre directly, you’ll find their contact details and venue location through the links below.

Brunswick Baths
Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre 

As restrictions ease we are able to open outdoor pool at Brunswick and Oak Park for lap swimming and outdoor training zones. Memberships shall remain on suspension until it is viable to reoffer them again at which time you with have the option to recommence. For more information on the services available visit About us/COVID-19 re-opening