Pascoe Vale Outdoor Pool

Pascoe Vale Outoor Pool, 7 Prospect Street, Pascoe Vale
Phone: 9354 1723
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During the off-season, please contact Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre

We are currently working towards getting the pool ready for summer and will let the community know via facebook and our website as soon as we have an opening date.
  • Public transport: Bus 513, stop at the corner of Cumberland Road and Pleasant Street. Tram 58, stop 45. Nearest train station is Pascoe Vale on the Craigieburn line.
  • Parking: All day parking is available at the centre on Prospect Street.

Lap lanes available

Opening times

Outdoor pool - Opening times today and tomorrow

Wednesday 1 December
1 pm - 7 pm
Thursday 2 December
3 pm - 7 pm
  • Normal outdoor pool opening hours

    The Pascoe Vale Outdoor Pool is seasonal, open from 1 December to the Labour Day weekend.

    Normal hours apply when the weather is forecast to be between 23 and 31 degrees the day prior. 

    The dive pool opens when the forecast is 26 degrees and above the day prior.

    Normal hours during school term

    Monday to Friday 3 pm - 7 pm
    Saturday and Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm
    Public holidays 12 pm - 6 pm

    Normal hours during school holidays

    Monday to Friday 11 am - 7 pm*
    Saturday and Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm*
    Public holidays 12 pm - 6 pm*

    *The pool opens regardless of the weather forecast, except when there is an extreme weather event.

  • Pool hours when it is forecast to be hot or cold

    Moreland's outdoor pools operate under a hot and cold weather policy, which means that the pool opening hours are based on the weather forecast and conditions.

    The policy does not apply to the Brunswick Baths outdoor pool, the Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre outdoor pool, or the Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre waterslide during school holidays. These facilities will open regardless of the weather.

    Council uses the Bureau of Meteorology forecast temperature taken at 5 pm.

    Normal opening hours

    Normal hours apply when the weather is forecast to be between 23 and 30 degrees celsius the day prior.

    The waterslide at Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre and the diving pools at the Coburg Olympic Swimming Pool and Pascoe Vale Outdoor Pool open when the weather is forecast to be 26 degrees celsius or above.

    Extended hours on hot days

    On hot days, forecast 31 degrees and above, the outdoor pools open earlier:

    • 10 am during school holidays, weekends and public holidays, and
    • 1 pm during school term weekdays.

    Outdoor pools may also close later, remaining open to 8 pm and beyond, depending on demand, availability of staff and sufficient light.

    Closed on cold days

    On cold days, forecast below 23 degrees, the outdoor pools are closed other than for commmunity groups bookings or regular programs.

    When the forecast is below 23 degrees, we monitor the forecast early in the day. If there has been signficant change, we can decide to open the outdoor pools. Feel free to phone the pool or get an update on Facebook.

    Tips for coping with the heat

    See Council heatwaves page for tips for keeping cool during hot weather.

Facility features

  • Centre accessibility

    Accessibility features at this centre

    Pascoe Vale Outdoor Pool offers people of all abilities the opportunity to participate in a safe and clean environment with qualified, enthusiastic and reliable staff.

    So that your experience is enjoyable and successful, we have:

    • Parking spaces for people with a disability
    • Gradual railed step entry to water
    • Changerooms for people with disabilities
    • An accessible water play area
    • Free entry for carers.

    Contact us to talk about about concession pricing or if you have any other questions.

    Companion Card Program

    This centre is part of the Companion Card Program, which means a person with a disability does not have to pay the entry fee for the carer that comes with them.

  • An accredited Watch Around Water facility

    Pascoe Vale Outdoor Pool is an accredited Watch Around Water facility, meaning there are guidelines that must be followed when visiting the centre.

    Watch around water guidelines

    Watch Around Water was developed by Leisure Institute of Western Australia in partnership with Royal Life Saving – Western Australia and was implemented with permission in Victoria by Life Saving Victoria. The Watch around water guidelines educate patrons about adequate supervision and responsibility when visiting a public aquatic facility. The policy outlines:

    Children Under 5 (0 - 5 years)
    Ratio – 1 adult to 2 children (babies in prams include in ratio)

    Children aged 0-5 years must be accompanied by a responsible guardian, who is prepared to swim. Children must be constantly supervised and remain within arm’s reach at all time. All children under 5 must wear a PINK wristband* to indicate age.

    Children Under 10 (5 – 9 years)
    Ratio – 1 adult to 4 children.

    Children aged 5-9 years must be accompanied by a responsible guardian, who is prepared to and constantly and actively supervise then in and out of the water. The responsible guardian must actively supervise and have a clear view of the child/ren at all times with no barriers in-between. All children 5-9 years must wear a YELLOW wristband* to indicate age.

    Children 10+
    For children 10 years and older, parents must use their knowledge of the child’s swimming ability to determine the level of accompaniment required.

    Important facts about supervision of children

    Here are some facts you need to be aware of:

    • The supervision of children in aquatic facilities is not the sole responsibility of lifeguards.
    • Lifeguards are employed on a 1:100 ratio; this is based on the expectation that parents will provide direct supervision of child.
    • Parents are required to provide the constant and direct supervision needed for young children.