We want our website to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of ability. 

Active Moreland website meets requirements of Level AA rating of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

Disability in Moreland

Some form of disability affects around one in five Australians. Illness, an accident, a genetic condition, or getting older can cause a disability. In Moreland 18 per cent of people have a disability. With an ageing population and increased life expectancies, more people in our community will have disabilities in the future.

Accessibility features on this website

Our website meets the W3C Level AA standard for accessibility. Accessibility features include:

  • a text equivalent for all non-text objects such as images, animation and scripts.
  • different text sizes
  • easy to read colours
  • documents in different formats like PDF as well as Word .doc or rich text format .rtf 
  • clear navigation, and
  • tab key navigation.

Use the Tab key to navigate 

You can use the TAB key to navigate through the main features of a page, like links and parts of a form:

  • press the TAB key to move forward to the next feature, or
  • press SHIFT and the TAB key to move back to the previous feature.

Note: Unless you change the default settings in the Safari browser, you will need to press Option and the TAB key to move through each link on the page.

Contact us about accessibility

Anything on this website that is not fully accessible is labelled.

Contact Council to:

  • get this information or service in another way, or 
  • share questions or suggestions about the accessibility of this site.