Personal training permit applications

Council offers a number of venues for the use of Personal Training and fitness activities. Restrictions exist for some of the venues, please read the Personal Training Guidelines prior to submitting an application.

Personal Training Guidelines

Personal training guidelines

Before conducting your Personal Training sessions, an application must be submitted to Council. Monetary penalties apply for unauthorised use.

Completion of an application form does not guarantee availability of booking request. Applications must be received at least 3 weeks prior to the first requested booking date.

Personal training application form

Business type

Is the business or organisation based in Moreland?

Booking details
Day/s of the week

Permit type required

Preferred venue
I confirm that I have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions as outlined below. I acknowledge that should these terms and conditions not be followed that I may be liable for any cost arising as a result of these breaches.


Permit Fees

Permit A

Fitness providers conducting a maximum of 2 sessions per week = $255.80 (inc GST)

Permit B

Fitness providers conducting 3 or more sessions per week = $447.70 (inc GST)

Please note: $25 + GST per each additional trainer

Permits are valid for 3 months. At the end of the 3 month period, a new permit must be applied for.

Moreland Recreation Services manages all bookings for personal training/fitness activities on Moreland parks and reserves. Any enquiries can be made by emailing Council's Recreation Liaison Officer or telephone 9240 2397.

  • Proof of public liability insurance policy (for business)
  • Copy of fitness accreditation/registration (for each trainer)
  • Copy of first aid certificate (for each trainer)

Once the application has been processed and approved the applicant will receive a confirmation letter with your permit/s. This permit must be carried with you when using Moreland’s parks and reserves and shown to any Council officer upon request. Appropriate photo identification must also be carried by the trainer.

For any booking that cannot be accommodated, Recreation Services will contact the applicant and other options will be explored.

Council reserves the right to amend any bookings for reasons as stated in the Guidelines.