Join a sports club

Why join a sports club?

Children playing basketball

Joining a local sports club will help you improve your health, social life and strenthen family bonds. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you will gain a sense of belonging by being a part of a team or club.

Connect with your community and your family

A fun club environment allows you and your family to connect with others in your local community. You will make new friends, develop new skills, confidence and be able to share your skills with others.

"I can’t imagine not being active now. I found it really hard to take the first step, but now I feel great, I’ve met heaps of people and life is much more enjoyable" West Brunswick resident

The benefits to your family and for your family life will include spending more quality time together and developing a shared interest which can be rewarding for all family members.

Social life

Children and adult playing tennis

Many local sports clubs have a thriving social life. The social benefits of being in a club come from structured activities and socials, such as evenings out and organised events. This aspect of being involved in a sports club is invaluable if you are new to the area and may not know many people in your local community.

Life skills

Joining a sports club helps develop valuable life skills such as co-operation, discipline, respect and tolerance, and don’t forget teamwork!

Type of sports on offer in Moreland

AFL Football Baseball Cricket Frisbee Lacrosse Netball Tennis
Athletics Basketball  Cycling Gymnastics Lawn Bowls Soccer Volleyball
Badminton Bocce  Dancing  Hockey Mallet Sports (croquet) Softball  





To find a sports club or activities near you, use our Find an Activity search.

If the first club you join does not suit you, don’t become discouraged, instead try another until you find one that matches you and your needs. If you are new to sport, it may take some time until you find what best suits you, but when you do, you will begin to realise exactly what it was that you had been missing.

Don’t forget, you can also speak to a friendly staff member at any of the Active Moreland Aquatic and Leisure Centres and they would be glad to help you find a club or activity that suits your needs.

Brunswick BathsSoftballers celebratingPhone: 9381 1840
Email: brunswickbaths@activemoreland.com.au

Coburg Leisure Centre
Phone: 9354 3504
Email: coburgleisure@activemoreland.com.au

Fawkner Leisure Centre
Phone: 9358 6600
Email: fawknerleisure@activemoreland.com.au   

Active Moreland endorsement

The Active Moreland Standard is a set criterion that has been developed in consultation with state sporting associations, sports clubs and Council officers. Current best practice programs, such as Vichealth's 'Everyone Wins' framework, have also been used to help develop the standard.Soccer instructor teaching young children

Clubs that meet the standard are well governed, meet both Council and State Sporting Association requirements, and have qualified coaches and officials. Additionally, successful clubs make a concerted effort to welcome and include all people within their clubs. They do so by offering entry level participation opportunities, support to get involved and are flexible in their systems and processes to ensure any barriers to participation are removed.

Clubs that meet the standard and become Active Moreland Endorsed receive priority listing on activemoreland.com.au and have access to use of the Active Moreland Endorsed red logo for use on their promotional material.

Council carries out annual audits and spot checks to ensure clubs continually meet the standards.

The community can be confident of having a positive experience when accessing an Active Moreland Endorsed club.