Application for sports ground use for finals for Moreland clubs

Application for sports ground use for finals

Sports ground selection
Pavilion required

I confirm that I have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions as outlined below. I acknowledge that should these terms and conditions not be followed that I may be liable for any cost arising as a result of these breaches.

Finals fees and charges

Moreland Recreation Services manages all bookings for Moreland Sporting Reserves. Any enquiries can be made by contacting Council's Recreation Liaison Officer on telephone 9240 2397 or email recreation@moreland.vic.gov.au. All applicants are required to have current Public Liability insurance to cover this event. Bookings will not be approved until a copy of the applicant’s policy is provided.

Completed applications are to be received by fax on 9240 2402 or emailed to recreation@moreland.vic.gov.au. Once the applications has been processed and approved the applicant will receive a confirmation letter via email from Recreation Services.

For any booking that cannot be accommodated, Recreation Services will contact the applicant and other arrangements will be explored.

Use Fee per day
Sports ground reservation fee - non turf wicket $67.62
Sports ground reservation fee - non turf wicket (pavilion included) $101.40
Sports ground reservation fee - turf wicket $101.40
Sports ground reservation fee - turf wicket (pavilion included) $135.26
Additional turf wicket preparation (on request) per wicket $275.83
Pavilion hire $67.58
Sports ground hire - non turf wicket $135.26
Sports ground hire - turf wicket $203.01

A bond levy of $50 is applicable for all bookings where toilet facilities or pavilion are required. The bond will be reimbursed once all keys are returned. Keys must be returned within 1 working day of completion of your event/activity or bond will be forfeited.

Bond fees Booking term
$500 Daily

Bond fees

Booking term



Pavilion and toilet keys are to be collected from:

Customer Service Desk
Moreland City Council
90 Bell St COBURG
P: 9240 2397

As a result of permanent booking arrangements between tenant club/s and council, your booking may be transferred or cancelled where additional play will be detrimental to the condition of the ground surface


In making this application (name of group or organisation) indemnifies Council and holds Council harmless from and against all actions, costs, claims, expenses and damages whatsoever which may be brought or made or claimed against Council arising out of or in relation to the use/hire/lease of the park/reserve/facility/sports field(s) in question.