Get active, get involved

Benefits of sport and physical activity

Sport and physical activity are a great way to:

  • get fit Woman walking dog
  • stay healthy
  • have fun
  • meet people
  • learn new skills,
  • and so much more!

Regardless of your age, culture, sex or ability, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Choosing an activity

Knowing why you want to get involved will help you to decide what to get involved in. If you want to:

  • to play at regional, state, national and international levels
  • make friends - choose a team sport or an activity with other people, like a walking group
  • lose weight - choose activities that are enjoyable for you so you keep it up, doing a variety of activities is a good idea
  • develop skills - choose an activity that uses the skill you are keen to develop, martial arts is good for developing discipline and ball sports are good for developing hand-eye coordination, or
  • compete at a high level - choose a sport that has an Olympic or Paralympic pathway or opportunities.

Find an activity

Activities can cater for a variety of needs

If you have specific needs, many clubs and activity providers are able to cater for your needs.

Some examples of how providers can include a variety of people are:

  • clubs may have members who speak a variety of languages
  • activities can be modified to include children
  • programs may be run for specific groups – women or people with a disability
  • activity levels can suit beginners through to experienced participants
  • child care options may be provided, and
  • equipment and uniforms may be available to loan.

Council works with sport and recreation providers through the Access for All Abilities program, the Active Women and Girls Strategy and the Allocation of Sporting Grounds and Pavilion Policy.

These initiatives support clubs and other activity providers to include people with a disability and increase junior and female participation.

Learn more about the activity

If you are feeling nervous, or unsure about how to get involved in an activity, it is a great idea to learn more about the activity before you try it.

You can find out more by:

  • looking on the internet
  • asking friends, neighbours and colleagues about the activities they participate in
  • visiting the activity in person, and
  • calling the activity.

Generally, activity providers want more participants, so they will do all they can to make you feel welcome.

Questions you can ask the sport or activity provider

When approaching a sport or physical activity group, it is a good idea to prepare yourself to make sure you ask all the questions you need to find out if the activity will suit you.

Here are some questions you might like to ask:

  • Can I try the activity before I join or commit?
  • Are there activities for specific groups: men, women, age groups, or people with a disability?
  • At what time do activities happen: day, night, or weekends?
  • Do you cater for beginners?
  • Is there coaching available?
  • What equipment and clothing is required?
  • Can required equipment or clothing be borrowed?
  • How much does it cost to participate or join?
  • Are there student, pension or family discounts?
  • What types of activities are offered?
  • Are activities social or competitive?
  • Are there accessible facilities: be sure to identify the access requirements you need such as toilets, door widths, tactile markings, friendly people to help?
  • Is there childcare available?
  • Can I volunteer with the club?

You can also come up with your own list of questions to help you work out if the activity will suit your needs.

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