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Hi and welcome to active Moreland TV.  My name is Daryl Clemson and I’m the Area Manager for Active Moreland.  Today is the first of our nutritional facebook series which we’re going to be filming each Monday morning and we’re going to answering a number of common questions, nutritional questions that we get asked in our operation.  Joining me today is Girl on a Bike Active Moreland Clinically trained dietician, Margaret.

G'day Margaret, how you going?


That’s the way

So the first question I want to pose to Margaret today is that we hear a lot of things about low carb, high protein diets.  Do they work?

In the short term they do work producing some weight loss results following that lower carb, high protein diet, however, initially that weight loss is generally fluid or water as carbohydrates tend to hold on to water so when you’re reducing carbohydrates you’re essentially holding on to less fluids.

Okay. Is there any health, long term health issues or any health issues at all?

So, the first thing is that we normally find is that when they tend to be quite restrictive and that they are not sustainable in the long term generally so what we find is when people eat more normally are getting off these diets, they tend to put more weight back on but even more weight compared to when they first started.

I’ve heard there’s also, is there a possibility of some kidney issues as well?

Yeah, because they tend to be higher in protein, your kidneys um are the ones that process this extra protein so there is extra load on your kidneys which puts pressure on your kidneys  which can then lead to reduced kidney function and maybe even failure in the long run.

Alright, thanks Margaret

So there you go guys if you’re going to consider a low carb, high protein diet, really consider the long term health issues that it might bring along.

Just also letting you know that Margaret will be available for a number of nutritional consultations in the coming months but we’ll let you know about that.

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Two people sit behind a desk and discuss nutritional topics.

Alright, see you next week.